It all began in the late 90s, when a group of people, some of whom knew each other in the real world and some who did not, banded together for a little fun and online gaming mayhem. We kept it together for over a decade, moving between games, always enjoying each other's company, no matter where we found ourselves. Never numerous, but always tight-knit.

In those years, one of us, the one who was the least competent gamer, but the least incompetent webmaster, kept this site live for his friends to hang out, to plan and to celebrate. Eventually, after the untimely death of our leader in the real world, the rest of the guild parted ways, found new online homes, and the need for this site ended. While the domain lay fallow for years, that webmaster couldn't bear to let the registration lapse, as one day, it might yet come in handy. Maybe the guild could be reborn?

During the early years of the guild, this same webmaster first began to interact with people far different from himself. His first steps outside of the bubble that had been his childhood were taken among these friends, who helped to show him how small his world truly was. It was just a crack in that fragile bubble, but the crack grew and widened over the years. The lowly webmaster had long since stopped gaming when the fragile shell finally shattered.

Now it is time for the rebirth of this website. It is not a place to honor the long forgotten group that birthed it, so much as it is the ponderous musings of the one who owes, at least in a small way, who he is to the friends that gave him a small nudge into a wider world.

What will you find here? Mostly ramblings of one person, trying to make sense of himself and his place in this world. Beyond that, you'll just have to read and find out.